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Kon Kakanis
General Manager, Marketing and Strategy
OneTeam IT

Hi there, you’re invited to realise the full potential of technology for your business

Going digital has never been more important for businesses than right now. Business models are changing, the way we work is changing and even our daily lives are different to what they were a year ago. 

Navigating this change can be daunting so we've set out to explain and highlight how different technologies can benefit Australian businesses. 

Each episode of the #OneTeamTV series is simple and to-the-point, featuring local business leaders who have used technology to solve problems and drive better results.

Scroll down to see the full list of episodes and what we’ll be covering. I look forward to having you along. 



On-demand and upcoming episodes

Episode 1

Moving IBM Power Systems To The Cloud: Penske Australia’s Success Story

How do you know if Cloud infrastructure is right for your business? Hear how Penske improved overall security and performance when they deployed their IBM workload in the cloud.

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Episode 2

The Ultimate Guide To High Availability & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Today’s businesses demand 24/7 availability for their systems to serve their customers around the clock and to also comply with strict industry regulations. Downtime, whether planned or unplanned, is inevitable but you can be prepared with high availability and disaster recovery solutions. Our panel explores the options and considerations for IBM Power users.

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Episode 3

Why Linux Is A New Standard For Business

Linux is quickly becoming an operating system of choice for many organisations across different industries. This is being driven by a need to move fast and get services to market while ensuring everything stays up and running. In this episode, the panel looks at why Linux has become an enterprise standard OS for business, how to make migration as easy as possible, and the cost and performance benefits of deploying Linux on IBM Power.

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Episode 4

Is It Time To Use A Managed IT Service Provider?

Leveraging an external IT service provider to handle the operation of your IT environment has become more common as a way to augment internal teams. But how do you know if this is the right approach for your organisation? In this episode, the panel explores what drives the need for a managed service provider and how to determine if external resources will build more value for the business.

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Episode 5

IBM Storage – How does it measure up against my growing performance demands?

Limited budgets and pressure to optimise resources make cost a major factor in your decision-making process when taking the leap to upgrade your storage systems. This episode deep-dives into the 'sweat' or 'refresh' debate: Should you migrate platforms and retain existing storage assets or should you consider upgrading your system? We also discuss the latest IBM FlashSystem and uncover how the market is benefiting from this end-to-end storage solution.

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Episode 6

Merger - Hello OneTeam IT

From July 1, Sundata and Team Computing join forces to become your go-to virtual IT team. OneTeam IT - means you’ll be benefitting from over 60 years of collective experience in maximising return on IT investments. We work with trust, clear communication, creativity, responsiveness and accountability to deliver results for your business

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Episode 7

OpenShift on IBM Power

In this episode, Kon Kakanis is joined by Red Hat Director and Head of Technology Fytos Charalambides to discuss what Openshift is and why it's important.

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Episode 8

IBM Watson on Premise

How does IBM Watson on Premise provide the freedom and choice to apply AI to data wherever it is stored?

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Episode 9

IBM Power10

We’re joined by Stephen Linsdell, IBM Senior IT Specialist and David Armstrong, General Manager Technology OneTeamIT, to discuss what the developments around IBM Power10 mean for users.

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Episode 10

IBM High Performance Storage - Exceeding Expectations For Research Projects

Kon is joined by IBM ANZ Technical Lead Andrew Beattie and OneTeamIT Enterprise Systems Specialist David Cole to discuss the deployment of IBM’s high-performance storage solution at Queensland University.

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Episode 11

Real World AI - What benefits can machine learning bring to organisations

Kon Kakanis is joined by IBM AI Technical Specialist Adam Makarucha and David Cole, OneTeamIT Enterprise Systems Specialist, to discuss real-world AI in power systems

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